Youtube for musicians: The Advanced Guide

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Youtube has become one of the sites on the web that has the highest number of music lovers. In this article by Shaun Letang (image) – a London based music consultant – he is asking: “How do you go from gradually building up your subscriber and view counts, to new people finding and subscribing to you by the bucket load?” – He begins his article like this:

Get On Established Channels & Reach More Subscribers!

This is one of those strategies that can get your video thousands of views, even if your Youtube channel only currently has 1 subscriber (hi mum)! How is this possible I hear you ask?! Well, let me tell you:

Instead of adding your new video or song to your own channel, add it to someone else’s! A channel that’s already a big name in your genre, and one which has at least a few thousand subscriber who are all into the kind of music you make.

Now I know some of you may be wondering why anyone would want to upload your video on their channel. There’s a simple reason for this; these channel owners usually aren’t musicians themselves. They often fall into one of two categories:

Fans of the music, or
Video makers / industry reporters.
Their channels are there to showcase music that they enjoy, or acts that will make their channel bigger. You get in front of an established audience, and they get more free content for their channel; it’s win win for both of you!

There are many Youtube channels out there that will accept your music. Some will require you to have a video already made, others will be willing to work with you to make a video (some times this is a paid service but can be well worth it). Some channels will even allow you to simply send a song without video, and they’ll add a screen capture or other image to accompany it.

If you’re already knowledgeable about your genre, you may have already come across these channels. If there are channels which tend to have videos or music from various different artists, then there’s a chance you can get your music on there too.

A good way to find these channels is by searching the name of various musicians who make similar music to you. Don’t go for the big super stars as they’ll have access to channels which you may not be able to appear on. Instead search the mid level and smaller artists, as this usually works best.

On the search results screen, have a look at all the different channels who have uploaded videos from this artist. If you see they’re all on the same channel, move on to the next name. But if there’s a few different channels, have a look at each. See if they have songs from multiple people, and if so you may have found one.

Next look at their subscriber count. You’ll probably want to approach channels with a few thousand people if you’re giving them a full video you’ve already made, but if it’s just a song they require, then it may still be worth submitting it to channels with less subscribers. After all, all channels with a reasonably bigger subscriber number then you is worth getting exposure on.

I’ve written more on this Youtube strategy before (opens in a new window), so check that out if the above isn’t enough to get you started and you want more details. Otherwise, let’s move on.

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