Maintenance Packages

Our team will quickly and efficiently keep your website current and updated
with new content, new images, whatever your website needs.

A website is never finished. It needs routine updates.

Website maintenance may be purchased by the hour, but when you subscribe to a maintenance plan, you get accelerated turn-around times and reduced maintenance pricing. Leave the updates to us, and concentrate on building your business! We also offer hosting plans for those that update their sites themselves.

Pre-paid Maintenance
Pay as you go! (No Contracts)

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Pre-Paid Maintenance
2 months

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Pre-Paid Maintenance
3 Months

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Best for infrequent updates.
Periodic maintenance without a plan is pre-purchased in one-hour increments at the rate of $60/hr.


A bargain for regular updates.
Select a pre-paid maintenance plan and your effective rate drops to as low as $30 per hour! Pre-paid plans are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual terms.

MONTHLY (best value)

Monthly maintenance plans are ideal because the low pricing eliminates any hesitation to regularly post new information on your site – something that search engines look upon with favor.

Annual maintenance plans give you the lowest overall cost and are best for heavy users or large infrequent updates.


Our services are broken down into one of two categories.

Maintenance Time

All maintenance plans include the following activities…

  • Text additions, content updates
  • Creation of forms
  • Creation of new pages (when layout remains the same)
  • Adding, deleting, changing links
  • Adding, deleting, changing meta tags as needed
  • Recommendations for higher search engine rankings
  • Email tech- support during business hours
  • Extra maintenance time billed at $60/hour when you are on a plan
Design Time

Web design activities are not covered under maintenance, and include:

  • Graphic editing/creation
  • Creation of new pages (when look differs from main design)
  • Installing plugins/scripts
  • Site makeover/redesign
  • Database creation/updating
  • Adding ecommerce
  • Social media graphics
  • Web design activities are available at the rate of $90/hr.


1. Security

Maintaining a Content Management System (CMS) requires version updates, plugin upgrades, and hardware maintenance. New features require new training, development, and upkeep are included in our maintenance agreement costs. If these updates are not preformed makes your website a target that can easily be penetrated by hackers that will inject malicious code & destroy your website.

2. Database Backup & Restore
We backup your site the day it is launched, but as you add content, images, pages & widgets that content needs to be backed up and stored offline. You cannot leave the backup process up to the hosting vendor, it’s not their responsibility. Just like your laptop or desktop computer, you should be doing regular backups of your blog or website.

3. Storage Volume
Volume of files may be large in HTML-based systems. A site that contains many files leaves itself open to errors. For example, a client updating the site may create errors; large amounts of files can cause issues with updating. Trying to find the right file may take time, and may be hard to find.

4. Latency issues
Larger CMSs can experience latency if hardware infrastructure is not up to date, if databases are not being utilized correctly, and if cache files that have to be reloaded every time data is updated grow large. Load balancing issues may also impair caching files & drastically hurt the performance of your website.

5. Tool Mixing
Because the URLs of many CMSs are dynamically generated with internal parameters and reference information, they are often not stable enough for static pages and other Web tools, particularly search engines, to rely on them. It’s important to keep permalinks, url’s & google crawl requests current.